michael woods • longview creative
michael woods • longview creative

selected actionscript programming samples

Fishing Simuation

CLIENT: Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Saginaw, MI

A primer for beginning anglers. Entirely AS3 OOP code using no timeline development.


Home Page Animations

The 3D mini-SWFs were extracted from the
fishing simulation above, embedded with
jQuery SWFObject, and moved onscreen
with jQuery.

Animated Wayfinding Map Tool

CLIENT: Directory Solutions, Louisville, CO

Allows client to quickly create
and edit animated XML-based maps used
by touchscreen building directories.


MPEG Audio player

Simple object-oriented ActonScript audio
player embedded with jQuery SWFObject.
Defaults gracefully to user's audio player
if Flash Player is not installed.


More Flash Demos and
Experiments In Development

Watch this space for more examples
of coded animation projects.

Sorry, this demo will be available soon.